2019-20 Community Report Now Available

We are happy to announce the mailing of the 2019-20 Community Report. 

COVID-19 - Wastewater Treatment is Designed to Destroy Virus

You may have heard or read that coronavirus has been detected in raw sewage in communities where the virus is present.

Today’s wastewater treatment systems use multiple, advanced filtration, and disinfection processes to treat the water.  These processes are designed to specifically remove or kill pathogens, including viruses such as the novel coronavirus. It is also known that the coronavirus is particularly susceptible to disinfection.

We’re #InThisTogether - Aptos High School - September 2020

The Soquel Creek Water District is engaged in multiple approaches to combat over-drafting of the groundwater basin and seawater intrusion into our local water supply. It’s important to remember that these severe water supply challenges affect everyone in our community – and we are all part of the solution. Over the next few months, this series of Water Wisdom columns will feature the viewpoints of local community members and organizations talking about the importance of creating and maintaining a sustainable water supply, as a community.