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Soquel Creek Water District Embraces Community Partnerships - We’re #InThisTogether with Aptos/La Selva Fire  - July 2020

The Soquel Creek Water District is engaged in multiple approaches to combat over-drafting of the groundwater basin and seawater intrusion into our local water supply. It’s important to remember that these severe water supply challenges affect everyone in our community – and we are all part of the solution. Over the next few months, this series of Water Wisdom columns will feature the viewpoints of local community members and organizations talking about the importance of creating and maintaining a sustainable water supply, as a community. 

2020 Survey Demonstrates Our Community Supports Investing in Infrastructure and Protecting Groundwater Basin from Further Seawater Intrusion

In January 2020, the District conducted a statistically-valid survey of over 400 local residents, to gain a better understanding of how they feel about the District and the water supply issues faced by the community. Surveys like this help us to understand people’s perceptions, needs, and awareness of the District and its operations, see where we can improve and do a better job for the community, and plan for the future.  

Here is a brief look at some highlights (some numbers and percentages are rounded for clarity) from this initial presentation: