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Request to Speak Form for Virtual Standing Committee Meetings

  1. In response to COVID-19 (Coronavirus), Soquel Creek Water District’s standing committee meetings will be held virtually via Zoom Webinar. This includes the Public Outreach Committee, Water Resources Management and Infrastructure Committee and Finance and Administrative Services Committee.
  2. Public Comment – Standing Committee Meetings
    Oral Communications (Item 2.0) provides the opportunity for public members to speak on any item of interest (for both agendized and non-agendized items), within the jurisdiction of the District. Public members may provide comment for up to three (3) minutes, or the length of time established by the Committee. Individuals may speak only once during Oral Communications.
  3. Request to Speak Form for Remotely Conducted Standing Committee Meetings

    To facilitate effective and efficient remote standing committee meetings, people wishing to address the Committee should submit a Request to Speak Form by 3 pm on the Monday of the week of the standing committee meeting. The District will also permit public comment through the “raise hand” feature on Zoom.

  4. Agenda Item Number
    Oral Communications – Item 2.0
  5. Please note that all attendees will join remotely conducted committee meetings on mute. When agenda items are considered, District staff will unmute those who have submitted a Request to Speak Form, or those who have "raised hands." The information provided above will allow staff to identify and unmute those who wish to provide oral comments. Please note that your name is not required if you wish to provide public comment anonymously. However, due to the need to unmute speakers, please include some identifier in your Request to Speak Form, so staff can appropriately identify you and allow you to provide comment.

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