Why is the water purification facility located in Live Oak? What about a bike-pedestrian crossing?

The advanced water purification facility was built in the empty lot at Chanticleer Avenue (PDF) and Soquel Avenue, based upon the following factors:

  • The water purification facility is a good fit with the site’s general surroundings, and with the commercial/mixed-use facilities in the vicinity. The site, zoned M-1 (light industrial), has been vacant for the last 20 or more years. 
  • The water purification facility can be co-located with the proposed bike-pedestrian crossing also on the same site. That location is currently identified by the Regional Transportation Commission for a bike/pedestrian bridge crossing over Highway 1. That overcrossing as proposed would need frontage road access on Soquel Avenue, which makes the site less viable for commercial uses (but this is not an issue for the water purification facility). A municipal water project and a transportation project at the site are compatible, both could fit on/adjacent to the site together, and both provide significant community benefits - these two uses are a good fit with the site, and with each other).
  • The water purification facility at Chanticleer is centrally located and has the potential for expansion if the City of Santa Cruz is interested in the future. The City of Santa Cruz is also considering recycled water as part of its water portfolio, to address its water shortage issues. 
  • The water purification facility at Chanticleer will be a showcase for Santa Cruz County.  Located right off the freeway, tourists and residents can be proud that our region is recycling 25% of the water that is discharged out into the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary and instead of being put to beneficial reuse to prevent further seawater contamination and ensuring water sustainability of water, one of our precious natural resources. As stated above, the facility will be taking tertiary treated water - absolutely no raw sewage will be involved - as its source water and purifying it through reverse osmosis, and UV disinfection. This treatment process is well-proven (Orange County Water District has been operating a similar facility since the 1970s) and when operational, will not generate excessive noise, odor, or traffic. In fact, per the Project’s Environmental Impact Report, there will be no significant environmental impacts during facility operations.

Aerial of Water Purification Area

Bike-Pedestrian Overcrossing at Chanticleer

Proposed Bike and Pedestrian Bridge

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5. Why is the water purification facility located in Live Oak? What about a bike-pedestrian crossing?