How much Trichloropropane (TCP) is in my water?

TCP has not been detected in the District wells that currently supply drinking water. The Maximum Contaminant Level (MCL) for TCP is 5 parts per trillion (ppt). Country Club Well has TCP levels above the MCL - with an average of 8.7 ppt, and a maximum of 15 ppt. As of July 2017, Country Club Well has been temporarily shut off pending installation of a TCP treatment plant.

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1. What is Trichloropropane (TCP)?
2. How much Trichloropropane (TCP) is in my water?
3. Where did the Trichloropropane (TCP) come from and how long has it been there?
4. Why wasn’t the Trichloropropane (TCP) discovered earlier?
5. Are there any health effects to drinking water with Trichloropropane (TCP)?