How is the Soquel Creek Water District funded?

The Soquel Creek Water District (District; SqCWD) is a public, not-for-profit agency that is funded in large part by the water rates customers pay. Payment for water service ensures the District’s ability to deliver high-quality, reliable water in a manner that values our environment and community, and sustains the resources entrusted to our care. The District is committed to good governance, fiscal accountability, and transparency, with systems and policies in place to earn the trust of our customers.   

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1. How is the Soquel Creek Water District funded?
2. What do water rates pay for?
3. Does the District make a profit?
4. Why is the District conducting a water rate study?
5. Why do we have to adjust water rates now?
6. What is the rate study process?
7. How are rates set?
8. Who approves rate changes?
9. Does the District inflate forecasted expenses when setting rates?
10. What is the District doing to ensure adequate water supplies in the face of seawater intrusion?