My property has a leak, but I didn’t receive an alert. Why?

To avoid sending too many alerts and notifying customers about situations that might not be leaks, we send courtesy alerts to single family properties after 8 hours of nonstop water use that is 75  gallons or more an hour or after 24 hours days of nonstop water use that is over 3 gallons an hour. While some leaks may generate nonstop usage, others may be intermittent. For example, toilets, irrigation valves and water softeners can leak on an intermittent basis at varying flow rates, and never reach the 24 hours of constant use threshold. 

Another reason for not receiving a courtesy alert from the District is your contact information in our billing system is incorrect and needs to be updated. To check or update your contact information, please contact customer service during regular business hours at (831)475-8500. 

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