Finance and Budget

Each year, Soquel Creek Water District Board of Directors approves a budget that lays out how the District plans to maintain and improve the water system on behalf of its customers. This Budget provides a framework for combining District goals, operating plans, and infrastructure projects into one comprehensive document. Once approved by the Board, the District continues to closely monitor projects, expenditures, and revenues throughout the year to ensure the integrity and quality of our operation.

The District’s annual budget consists of two major components: the Operations Budget and the Capital Improvement Program (CIP) Budget.

The Operations Budget includes revenue and expenditures the District produces in the course of daily operations as well as Non- Operating revenues and expenditures created through investment or debt service. The CIP Budget encompasses the acquisition or construction of major capital facilities, infrastructure improvements, specific projects, or equipment.

The District, as a special district of the State of California, is a not-for-profit agency. The District does not receive any tax revenues. Primary operating revenue is generated through billing District customers for water sales and service charges and is supported by annual rate increases.

The District's fiscal year runs from July 1 to June 30 of the following year.

Monthly Income and Investment Reports for Fiscal Year 2018/19

Monthly Income and Investment Reports for Fiscal Year 2017/18

Monthly Income and Investment Reports for Fiscal Year 2016/17


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