Community Surveys

Telephone Surveys

As part of the District’s ongoing outreach and education efforts, telephone community surveys were in 2014 and 2015 that included residents within the District's service area.  The surveys, performed by Goodwin Simon Strategic Research, were intended to explore attitudes about water-related issues facing our region and to better understand our customers':

  • Awareness and understanding of our water supply
  • Concerns about the groundwater aquifers and contamination (by seawater intrusion)
  • Attitudes about the District as an organization
  • Awareness of current source(s) our local water supply
  • Individual attitudes and behaviors related to water conservation
  • Attitudes towards new sources of water (desalination, surface water transfer, recycled water and/or water rationing)
  • Attitudes towards development, water shortages, and the water demand offset program
  • Sources of information about the District and water supply

The District values community input and strives to not only provide high-quality water but also to provide quality service and outreach to our customers.

2015 Phone Survey

2014 Phone Survey


On-Line Surveys

As part of the Soquel Creek Water District’s Strategic Plan’s community engagement strategy, the planning team developed and distributed an online survey in June 2015. The 24-question survey was designed to gain insight into District’s customer understanding, awareness, and level of support for various water conservation concepts, supplemental supply options, and other issues of concern. The survey allowed the respondents to weigh in on approaches they supported or opposed and to provide open-ended feedback on several questions. Basic demographic information was also collected from respondents.

2015 On-Line Survey