Stage 3 Actions for Residential Customers

2020 and Early 2021 Requirements for Residential Customers

The District is not under rationing with a Stage 3 Declaration. We encourage our customers to continue to practice good water conservation habits and to follow our Water Waste Rules and Restrictions. 


  1. We appreciate our customers' efforts. Thank You! Thank You! Our goal is to achieve 25% reduction in overall water use in 2020/2021 compared to 2013. Our customers have been amazing and have either met, or nearly met this goal every year since 2014!
  2. There is no water rationing (or water budget) under the District's Stage 3 declaration.  Please continue to practice good conservation habits and following our Water Waste Rules and Restrictions.
  3. Know our Outdoor Water Restrictions.  more info >>
  4. Report water waste. Help us educate other community members.  more info >>
  5. Check for leaks! We have tips on how to track down indoor and outdoor leaks.  more info >>
  6. Learn how to Read Your Meter. more info >>
  7. We offer Free Water-Saving Devices to district customers: low flow faucet aerators, automatic shut-off hose nozzles, toilet leak detection tablets, five-minute shower timers, and toilet flappers.  Just stop by the District office.
  8. We offer Free Water-wise Housecalls to help customers identify ways at their home or business to save water.  more info>>
  9. We offer TONS of Rebates. Also, learn more about water-efficient fixtures. more info >>
  10. Need inspiration? Check out our Local Water Champions and how they are doing more with less. more info >>
  11. We are have implemented several water reduction measures for District operations. We are all in this together.  more info >>
  12. We continue to maintain the Water Demand Offset Program that requires new homes and businesses to pay for water conservation programs and ensure new projects will not impact our groundwater basin and will have a "net positive" impact on our water supply.  more info >>
  13. Our water problem will not end when the drought ends.  Our water source is 100% groundwater that is overdrafted whereby more water is pulled out and used than can be naturally recharged by rainfall.  Drought conditions exacerbate our situation.  We are detecting seawater contamination at our coastline. more info >>
  14. We are seeking multiple solutions towards a sustainable water supplymore info >>


  • No irrigation run-off: Adjust irrigation systems to prevent overspray and run-off.
  • No watering during the day with sprinklers, between 10 a.m. and 8 p.m.: Only watering mornings or evenings reduces water loss from evaporation and wind.
  • No hosing down of hard or paved surface except when necessary for health and safety, and use of a positive shut-off nozzle is required.
  • Always use a positive shut-off hose nozzle: Required for all outdoor water use.  We offer free hose nozzles to District customers.
  • Home vehicle washing must be efficient. Use waterless spray, hose with automatic shut-off nozzle and bucket, or pressure washer.
  • No Washing of Exterior Structures unless for sanitation and health measures or if in preparation for painting and a pressure washer is used.
  • Always repair irrigation system and plumbing leaks in a timely manner: Efforts should be made to repair leaks within 72 hours.
  • No general water waste: Indiscriminate running of water or washing in a manner that is wasteful and without reasonable purpose is prohibited.
  • No watering during rainfall or for 48 hours following measurable rainfall.

To view a more comprehensive list, click here.


Report Water Waste

Indoor Water Saving Tips

Outdoor Water Saving Tips