School Resources

The District offers free water education materials (provided courtesy of the California Department of Water Resources, curriculum, field trips, and teachers  workshops to educators in our service area. You may order materials or request field trips by contacting our School Education Coordinator or call 831-475-8500 ext. 142.


Our Water Works in Santa Cruz County
5th and 6th grade
(Also available in Spanish. ¡Ahora disponible en español).

An activity book about our County's fresh water resources. This informative book, published by water agencies in Santa Cruz County, answers the 5th grade question, "what is the origin of the water used by local communities". Other concepts covered in the activity booklet are the water cycle, water as a molecule, watersheds, groundwater, water treatment, pollution prevention, the history of a creek, rainfall measurements, water use and water conservation tips. Explore inside the book on the website.

There is also a colorfully illustrated fold out map of the County's watersheds and teachers can request poster size print outs of this as well.

E-mail or call 831-475-8500 to order your free class set!

The Department of Water Resources offers free classroom sets of water education books to teachers in CA. Click here to order and see the latest offerings. 

The California Environmental Education Initiative offers standards based free downloadable and printed curriculum for each grade level. The maps that were made for the program were designed by National Geographic cartographers.