Install submeters for multiple dwelling units or to separate mixed-use residential and landscape water systems with a rebate of up to $150 per submeter.

Clothes Washer

$100 for a Consortium for Energy Efficiency rated tier 2 or 3 water efficient washer.

Residential Toilet

Replace 1.6 gallon per flush (GPF) toilets with a new model Ultra High Efficiency toilet (UHET) that uses 1.0 GPF or less and receive up to $100.

Hot Water Recirculation

Get hot water more quickly from your shower and faucets. Rebate is for on-demand hot water recirculation systems only. $150.

Pool Covers

Prevent evaporation from wind and sun by covering your pool while not in use. 50% of cost up to $75.

Pressure Reducing Valves

Protect your fixtures and save water by reducing the water pressure in your home or business. Up to $50.

Rainwater Downspout Re-direct

Prevent stormwater run off and help recharge groundwater by directing downspouts to landscape features that help slow, spread and sink the water. $40 - $80.

Weather-Based Irrigation Controllers

Use an irrigation controller that adjusts with weather conditions. $75-$125 up to $600 per acre for large properties.

Rain Sensors

Automatically shuts off your irrigation system when it rains. Up to $25.

Drip Irrigation Retrofit

Replace sprinklers with drip irrigation to water your plants more efficiently and minimize overspray and evaporation. Up to $20 per 100 square feet converted.