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This memorandum was drafted in response to a specific request from the Soquel Creek Water District (SqCWD) regarding nanoparticles. The SqCWD wanted to know the latest information on nanoparticles as they pertain to potable water reuse projects. Nanoparticles are not regulated for potable water reuse projects (or potable water projects, for that matter). In conversations with the State of California Division of Drinking Water (DDW) in January 2016, the DDW defined their position on nanoparticles, which is that existing regulations are protective of public health and that there is no intent to regulate nanoparticles. With that said, DDW will continue to evaluate the issue.


At the Board's October 20, 2015 meeting, Andy Salveson from Carollo Engineers, presented a technical memo that included a comprehensive literature review; data from several existing facilities currently using AWP; comparisons between recycled water, surface water, and our own District groundwater in terms of CEC levels; and detailed testimonials regarding his own personal experiences with looking for endocrine disrupters, pathogens, viruses, and other potential contaminants in recycled water during his 19 years working in the field.


NRC. Water Reuse: Potential for Expanding the Nation’s Water Supply through Reuse of Municipal Wastewater.