Pure Water Soquel - Replenishing Mid-County Groundwater & Preventing Further Seawater Intrusion

Pure Water Soquel is Soquel Creek Water District’s groundwater replenishment and seawater intrusion prevention project.  The Pure Water Soquel Project will use proven water purification technology to clean recycled water to produce safe, high-quality drinking water that will provide a reliable, sustainable and drought-proof water supply.

Project Overview

The what, where, why, when, and cost.  Also includes latest updates on the project. Pure Water Soquel Benefits: Reduces discharge into the ocean by 25%; provides a seawater intrusion barrier; reliable and drought-proof water supply; uses green energy; promotes economic vitality; produces quality water; can be scaled up; can be accomplished soon

Informational Materials

A number of informational materials are available to provide details about Pure Water Soquel, including fact sheets, answers to frequently asked questions, newsletters, presentations and videos.

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Reports & Studies

A number of related reports have been completed and are available here.


The Independent Advisory Board and other related groups.


The Pure Water Soquel project has received widespread support throughout the region.

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