Report Leaks or Water Waste

Report a leak or water waste.

If you see water running down the street it might be water leaking from an underground water main, service lateral, run off from overwatered landscaping or occasionally from a natural spring. Try to determine the source of the water and read the water waste rules before reporting anything. For information about leaks and bill adjustments see this page

If there is a large leak in the street (gushing water), call the emergency number 831-475-8500

Tell us more about the water waste or leak. Check the latest rules.  All reports are confidential. Please provide us as much information as possible including:

  1. the location (address and detailed description)
  2. date and time of day
  3. a brief description of the problem
  4. a photo of the waste or leak (e.g. sprinkler overspray, broken sprinkler head, using a hose to clean a sidewalk, etc)

Submit this information via: 

  • email to (non-emergencies)
  • call 831-475-8500 (emergency number if it is a large leak)
  • mail or hand deliver to our office at 5180 Soquel Drive, Soquel, CA 95073.

The District will investigate non-emergency water waste issues as soon as possible during regular business hours. For emergency leaks, the on-call staff will dispatch at all hours and do our best to stop and fix the leak.