How Do I Report Leaks or Water Waste?

Report emergency leaks or water waste.

Are you reporting a water emergency? 

  • If you see an actively gushing or spraying pipe or see a wet spot forming unexpectedly in the street or ground, this may be a sign of a water emergency.
  • This can be caused by a ruptured water main, broken service lateral, a damaged fire hydrant, etc. This may cause extensive water loss or damage.
  • Please call us immediately at 831-475-8500 to report the emergency. After business hours, you will reach our on-call phone dispatcher.
  • Please provide the staff member with a description of the emergency and the location. 
  • Need a leak adjustment? Read more about the leak adjustment policy.

Non-emergency or a water waste violation?

If you see relatively small amounts of water runoff that appears as a result of human behavior, this may be considered water waste. To protect our limited groundwater supply, we have an ordinance that prohibits water waste.  Some common examples of water waste include:

Some things that are considered water waste are:

  • run-off from irrigation onto hard surfaces
  • hosing down of hard or paved surfaces (except for health & safety reasons)
  • washing vehicles without using a positive shut-off hose nozzle

For a complete list of restrictions, please see this page.

Please report water waste incidents the following ways. 

  1. Location (address and detailed description)
  2. Date and time of day
  3. Brief description of the problem/type of water waste
  4. Photo of the waste or leak occurring if possible

All water waste reports are confidential.

We will investigate all non-emergency water waste reports as soon as possible during regular business hours (Monday-Friday 8-5pm). 

See this page for more info on leaks and leak adjustments.

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