Report Water Waste

Help us educate other customers about water waste problems.

Most people aren't wasting water on purpose...they simply aren't aware of the problem or don't know the rules.

By anonymously reporting water waste, you're helping Soquel Creek Water District educate your neighbors and the community about what is and what isn't allowed in a friendly and non-threatening way. All reports are confidential.

Here's how you can help: Tell us more about the water waste that you've seen. Check the latest rules.  Please provide us as much information as possible including:

  1. the location (address and detailed description),
  2. date and time of day,
  3. a brief description of the problem,
  4. a photo of the waste (e.g. sprinkler overspray, using a hose to clean a sidewalk, etc).

Submit your information using one of the following methods:

The District will investigate as soon as possible during regular business hours. If this is a large leak, please call the emergency after hours number 831-475-8500