Well Master Plan

The Well Master Plan (WMP) Project includes the development of up to four new groundwater production wells at four locations (O’Neill Ranch and Cunnison Lane Well sites in Soquel, and Austrian Way and Granite Way - Aptos Village Well sites in Aptos) and the conversion of an existing irrigation well to a municipal well (Polo Grounds Regional Park Well site in Aptos).

Well Master Plan Report including Responses to Comments

 Objectives of the Well Master Plan

  • Redistribute pumping away from the coast and allow for a more uniform drawdown of groundwater, reducing susceptibility to seawater intrusion and minimizing localized pumping depressions.
  • Limit pumping of each well to less than 12 hours per day to manage pumping depressions.
  • Ensure reliable water supply when individual wells are out of service due to maintenance, mechanical failure, or damage.
  • Have adequate system capacity and flexibility to respond to peak, maximum-day demand in all four service areas

Status Update

Implementation of the Well Master Plan began in the summer of 2011 with the conversion of an existing irrigation well to a municipal production well at the Polo Grounds Regional Park in Aptos. This well was brought on-line in 2012. The District had completed the development of the O'Neill Ranch in Soquel in  2015.  The District is developing a new well at Grante Way in Aptos with the anticipated completion in 2019.