Groundwater Management Plan

In March 1995, Soquel Creek Water District entered into a Joint Exercise of Powers Agreement (JPA) with Central Water District to prepare a groundwater management plan for the Soquel-Aptos Area consistent with Assembly Bill 3030. Under the provisions of the JPA, a Groundwater Management Plan Committee was established.

The Committee, comprised of two board members from Soquel Creek Water District, two board members from Central Water District, and one member from a mutual water company drafted a groundwater management plan in accordance with a joint resolution adopted by the respective boards. The initial Soquel-Aptos Area Groundwater Management Plan was adopted in April 1996.The JPA  updated the Groundwater Managment Plan in 2007. This report includes the basin management goals and objectives; projects, programs, and policies; and an implementation plan.

Since the 2007 Groundwater Managment Plan was adopted, two groups have been established to oversee the implementation of the programs and to provide oversight:

  • Basin Implementation Group (BIG) meets at least annually to review an annual report on the status of the basin and review program goals and objectives, discuss the work plan for the upcoming year as recommended by the basin advisory group, and considers any proposed amendments to the GMP.
  • Basin Advisory Group (BAG) will meet at least annually to discuss the status of the groundwater basin, review progress on the management goals and objectives as outlined in the GMP, and develop a recommended work plan for the following year.  This group provides the technical expertise necessary to guide and implement the groundwater management activities as well as provide interagency control.

An Annual Review and Report (ARR) is prepared for each water year (October 1- September 30) that summaries the conditions in the Soquel-Aptos area, documents the status of the groundwater management activities from the previous year, and includes recommendations on any amendments to the GMP.