Water Restrictions for Business & Institutional Customers

Stage 3 Actions for Business & Institutional Customers

In a Stage 3 Water Shortage Emergency, business and institutional customers are required to help reduce overall water use by 25% (as compared to the same period in 2013) and meet specific local and state water regulations. Some types of businesses such as food service and lodging have to meet additional requirements. See below.

Requirements Applicable to All Businesses & Institutions

  1. Post signs to inform your customers and employees about the water shortage and what they can do to help.  A Business Conservation sign that satisfies this requirement can be downloaded here.  Ideal places to post this sign include restrooms, kitchen areas and employee meeting areas or break rooms.
  2. No hosing down of hard or paved surfaces (except when necessary for health & safety, and use of a positive shut-off hose nozzle is required.
  3. No exterior washing of structures unless necessary to prepare for painting and a pressure washer is used.
  4. No irrigation run-off or overspray.
  5. No sprinkler use between 10 a.m. and 8 p.m.
  6. No irrigation during, or 48 hours after, rainfall.
  7. Always use a positive shut-off hose nozzle for outdoor water use.
  8. Always repair irrigation system and plumbing leaks within 72 hours
  9. Car washing must be efficient. Use waterless spray, bucket and hose with automatic shut-off nozzle, or pressure washer. Water may not run off property.

Additional Requirements Applicable to Restaurant & Food Service Businesses

Restaurants may only serve water on request and must prominently display notice of this requirement.  The District provides several types of free signage to help food service operations meet this requirement. Please contact us at savewater@soquelcreekwater.org to request free signage.

Additional Requirement Applicable to Lodging Businesses

Lodging establishments (hotels, motels, inns, etc.) must display notice informing customers of the option to forego daily linen service.

Let us Help You Meet Restrictions and Save Water

During this Stage 3 Water Shortage Emergency, we’re here to help our business and institutional customers by offering free Water Wise Business Calls.

Our trained water conservation specialists can come to your business to:

  • check for leaks,
  • install free water saving devices,
  • provide customized indoor and outdoor water efficiency tips,
  • and identify rebate opportunities.
  • Contact us for or more information or to sign-up for a visit.

Resources for restaurants, hotels & vacation rentals. 

We would love the opportunity to help you save water and reduce your operating costs - without impacting your ability to continue providing a high level of service to your customers!

Please contact us by email at savewater@soquelcreekwater.org or at (831) 475-8500 for questions or to schedule a Water Wise visit.