Current Board Agenda




LOCATION: Capitola City Council Chambers

420 Capitola Avenue, Capitola, California


1.            ROLL CALL

2.            PUBLIC HEARING – None

3.            CONSENT AGENDA (Pg. 3)

Approval of Minutes

3.1.1 December 18, 2018 – Regular Meeting Minutes

General Manager Purchase Order Approval
December Warrants; October/November – Paid in December Credit Card Analysis
Investment and Operating Fund Report
Production Reports
Service Area 3 to 4 Intertie Project, CWO 14-012, Authorize Transfer of Funds from Operating Contingency Reserves, Approve Change Order No. 1, Accept Project as Complete, and File Notice of Completion
2019 Standing Committee Assignments
Board Planning Calendar
Special Board Assignments Status Report
Approve Transfer of Funds from Operating Contingency Reserves for Additional Services Provided by Raftelis Financial Consultants

4.            ORAL COMMUNICATIONS (items not on the Agenda)

5.            REPORTS (Pg. 259)

5.1          Organization-Wide Status Update

5.2          District Counsel – Oral Report

5.3         Mid-County Groundwater Agency Update – Oral Report

6.            ADMINISTRATIVE BUSINESS (Pg. 274)

6.1          Conditional and Unconditional Will Serve Letters

                One-step Will Serve Process:

Will Serve for Accessory Dwelling Unit at 805 Rosedale Ave, Capitola. APN: 036-022-12 (Eccles)
Will Serve for Minor Land Division with Tier I Single Family Home and Accessory Dwelling Unit at 449 Granite Way, Aptos. APN: 040-213-13 (Williams)

                Two-step Will Serve Process:

Conditional Will Serve for 13-unit subdivision at 3300 Maplethorpe Ave, Soquel. APN: 037-121-60 (Swift)
Conditional Will Serve for Tier II Single Family Home at “0” Vista Del Mar, Aptos. APN: 053-131-30 (Kamil)
Conditional Will Serve for Tier II Single Family Home at “0” Valencia Dr., Aptos. APN: 041-021-13 (Whitelaw)
Conditional Will Serve for Townhome at 605 Capitola Ave., Capitola. APN: 035-301-16 (Black)
Conditional Will Serve for Minor Land Division with two Tier I Single Family Homes at 2091 Wharf Rd., Capitola. APN: 034-241-05 (Genge)
Conditional Will Serve for Accessory Dwelling Unit at 4375 Court Drive, Capitola. APN: 033-161-21 (Dent)
Receive Update on the District’s Community Water Plan Components Related to the Surface Water Pilot Project and the Pure Water Soquel Project
Approve Variance Options for Single Family Residential Customers with 1-inch Meters
2019 Election of Special District Member on Local Agency Formation Commission Board (LAFCO)
Receive 2018 Year in Review Slideshow


7.1          Email from M. Noren to County Supervisor J. Leopold and Response from County Supervisor J. Leopold to M. Noren

                7.2          Email from B. Steinbruner and Response from the District

                7.3          Email from B. Steinbruner and Response from the District

8.            CLOSED SESSION - None

9.           ADJOURNMENT

All information furnished to the Board of Directors with this agenda is provided under ‘Who We Are - Board Meetings’ menu on the District’s website

Submittal of written correspondence must be received by 4:00 pm on the Wednesday prior to the scheduled Board Meeting to be made part of the Board Packet.   Written correspondence received after 9:00 am on the Monday immediately preceding a Board Meeting may not have time to reach Board members, nor be read by them prior to consideration of an item.  Note that due to holidays and other factors there may be times when even the above time submittal suggestion is not adequate.

Additional information provided to the Board after preparation of the Board Packet but prior to the meeting will be made available to the public at the District office.

Please observe the following procedures for addressing the Board:

Oral Comments: Those wishing to speak on an item should come to the podium and be recognized by the Board President during the portion of the proceedings set aside for public comment.  The maximum time set aside for public comment will be set at 15 minutes.   Speakers must address the entire Board and will not be permitted to engage in dialogue.  Each speaker will be limited to a single presentation of up to (3) three minutes (time limits may be increased or decreased at the Board President's discretion).  For agendized items, after speakers have addressed the Board, the Board will deliberate and take action.  Additional public comment will not be allowed during the Board's deliberation unless the President specifically calls on someone in the audience.

Organized groups wishing to make a presentation are asked to contact the Board Clerk prior to the Board Meeting.

Disability Access: The meeting room is wheelchair accessible. Please contact Emma Olin, Board Clerk, at (831) 475-8500 ext. 126 if you need assistance in order to participate in a public meeting or if you need the agenda and public documents modified as required by Section 202 of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Televised Meetings: District Board meetings are streamed “Live” via Livestream at Meetings are rebroadcast Thursday at 8am and Sunday at 6pm (Comcast Channel 25 and Charter Channel 71) following the meeting. Archived meetings can be viewed from the District website at any time.