Conceptual Components of the Pure Water Soquel Project

Conceptual components of the Pure Water Soquel Project, as shown in the NOP/IS Figure 1-1, would include: 

  • Source Water:  Source water for the project would involve either treated secondary effluent from the Santa Cruz Wastewater Treatment Facility (SCWWTF) or wastewater from the County of Santa Cruz Sanitation District (SCCSD)
  • Treatment Facility(ies):  There are various new treatment options that could involve either treating the source water through multiple steps of processes that may include secondary, tertiary, and purification, depending on the source water. 
  • Purified Water and Injection Wells: The purified water would be conveyed to new injection wells that would transmit the water down into the groundwater basin to create a seawater barrier and replenish the groundwater basin.
  • Conveyance Systems: New pipelines  and conveyance improvements would transport the source water to the treatment facility and the treatment/brine discharge to the SCWWTF.  New pipelines and conveyance would also be needed to transport the purified water to the injection wells.

** Note:  The District is evaluating several different options for the injection well locations and the pipeline alignments; not all components shown on this map would need to be constructed.  Final selection of sites and alignments will be based upon water supply source, treatment approach, and further feasibility analysis. **