Water Wisdom

The Soquel Creek Water District runs a monthly column called "Water Wisdom" in the Aptos Times and the Capitola/Soquel Times.  "Water Wisdom" is designed to deliver insightful perspectives on managing water.

Soquel Creek Water District 2015 Year in Review - February 2016


When most people think of the Soquel Creek Water District, they probably think of pipes, people in hard hats, and water being pumped up out of the ground, treated, and delivered to their faucets, because that is the side of our organization they see out in the community, and we do, in fact, have many dedicated construction and maintenance workers who build and maintain those systems on a daily basis to ensure that high-quality water is reliably delivered to your homes and businesses each and every day. 

Water-Wise Winter Storm Preparedness - January 2016

Winter has arrived.  Are you prepared?  Many outdoor water leaks can go undetected during wet, freezing, or stormy weather because the already wet conditions mask the signs of leakage. There are, however, several steps you can follow to make sure that you are ready for whatever winter throws at you.

Rains Won't Solve the Mid-County Water Shortage - December 2015

You may have heard that, starting November 1, the City of Santa Cruz lifted their mandatory water restrictions.  So the drought is over and we can all pack those hose nozzles away for next summer, wash those dirty cars, and irrigate like crazy, all while remaining confident that our water supply is safe and secure today and for future generations, right?  Well, no.  As explained below, the sources of water for the City of Santa Cruz and the District are very different and thus our conservation needs differ.

Purified Recycled Water: Just the Facts, Please...- November 2015

One of Soquel Creek Water District’s main charges is to deliver safe and high quality water to our customers, so our Board of Directors has been justifiably cautious about the concept of using water recycling, or Advanced Water Purification (AWP), to produce water that can be injected into the ground to replenish our depleted aquifers.  Advanced Water Purification, however, has the benefits of being reliable, locally owned and controlled, and comparable in price to other alter

District Water Purchase Will Help, but Not Solve, Mid-County Water Shortage - October 2015

The Soquel Creek Water District Board of Directors recently approved a Cooperative Water Transfer and Purchase Agreement with the City of Santa Cruz.  The five-year agreement provides that the City may sell water to the District from its North Coast pre-1914 water rights sources.   While the agreement is not about purchasing a large amount of water, it will help us reduce pumping to safeguard our limited groundwater supply.