Water Wisdom

The Soquel Creek Water District runs a monthly column called "Water Wisdom" in the Aptos Times and the Capitola/Soquel Times.  "Water Wisdom" is designed to deliver insightful perspectives on managing water.

Celebrating the Ribbon Cutting of a Water Purification Project Across the Bay - Pure Water Monterey - November 2019

As our Pure Water Soquel project continues with design and towards construction, we are happy to congratulate our friends across the bay at Monterey One Water, upon their recent ribbon cutting of their Pure Water Monterey advanced water purification facility last month!

Celebrate Water at the Water Harvest Festival & Water Bills Pay for Groundwater Protection and the Water System - September 2019

Celebrate Water at the Water Harvest Festival

Planning is under way for the second annual Water Harvest Festival that will be held on October 20th from 11-3pm at Anna Jean Cummings Park, also known as Blue Ball Park in Soquel. This will be a fun family oriented festival to celebrate our local water resources. Companies and environmental organizations will come together to share their knowledge and resources with engaging activity tents and interactive displays about water.

Save Water and Money by Maintaining Your Irrigation System - August 2019

Irrigation systems help us control the timing, volume and duration of water applied to our landscapes. When these systems are designed and maintained properly, they save you, water, time, and money and help you keep a beautiful, efficiently, and easily watered landscape. 

Even though irrigation systems may run themselves, they cannot maintain themselves! Regular monitoring and inspecting are key! Did you know that irrigation issues are in the top three causes of water leaks? A lot can go wrong and quickly.

Draft Santa Cruz Mid-County Groundwater Sustainability Plan to be released in July - June 2019

California has over 500 groundwater basins and only 21 are classified as “high-priority basins in critical overdraft.” The Santa Cruz Mid-County Groundwater Basin is one of these 21 basins.

What Does Critical Overdraft Mean?

In the Santa Cruz Mid-County, critical overdraft means our freshwater supply is threatened by active seawater contamination at the coast and a locally developed Groundwater Sustainability Plan (GSP) must be in place by January 31, 2020 that addresses how to achieve a sustainable basin by 2040.

State-Wide Legislative Actions with Local Water Impacts - April 2019

This month I want to share with you some interesting State legislative news related to water:

SB 332: Local Water Reliability Act (Introduced 2019)

Did you know that statewide, about 400 billion gallons of treated effluent water thrown away every year? That’s 1.1 billion gallons a day! Just imagine if more communities developed programs and projects to recycle water for irrigation or for purification – statewide we’d dramatically increase water resiliency and security.