Water Wisdom

The Soquel Creek Water District runs a monthly column called "Water Wisdom" in the Aptos Times and the Capitola/Soquel Times.  "Water Wisdom" is designed to deliver insightful perspectives on managing water.

For the Love of…Music and Water! - February 2020

The month of February brings thoughts of Valentine’s Day, and love…and also of cold weather, rain, clouds, and the ideal day staying home where it’s warm and dry and cozy. In honor of wet weather that we certainly love (and need!), this month I thought we’d offer a fun list of some songs about water, and love. Some are classics from a variety of musical genres, but I also include a list of educational songs for children to help them understand the importance of this most-precious natural resource.

Happy New Year! May 2020 Be as Successful and Rewarding as 2019! - January 2020

Well, all of our calendars are now out of “the teens” and into “the twenties.” What a milestone!

Here at the Soquel Creek Water District we enter 2020 with a great sense of accomplishment and achievement – and a strong resolve to continue our determination and hard work in providing a clean, safe, sustainable water supply for the community we serve.

We achieved so much in the last year, and those successes have set the stage for even more great things in 2020. Here is a brief run-down of some of the District’s key accomplishments of 2019:

Celebrating the Ribbon Cutting of a Water Purification Project Across the Bay - Pure Water Monterey - November 2019

As our Pure Water Soquel project continues with design and towards construction, we are happy to congratulate our friends across the bay at Monterey One Water, upon their recent ribbon cutting of their Pure Water Monterey advanced water purification facility last month!

Celebrate Water at the Water Harvest Festival & Water Bills Pay for Groundwater Protection and the Water System - September 2019

Celebrate Water at the Water Harvest Festival

Planning is under way for the second annual Water Harvest Festival that will be held on October 20th from 11-3pm at Anna Jean Cummings Park, also known as Blue Ball Park in Soquel. This will be a fun family oriented festival to celebrate our local water resources. Companies and environmental organizations will come together to share their knowledge and resources with engaging activity tents and interactive displays about water.

Save Water and Money by Maintaining Your Irrigation System - August 2019

Irrigation systems help us control the timing, volume and duration of water applied to our landscapes. When these systems are designed and maintained properly, they save you, water, time, and money and help you keep a beautiful, efficiently, and easily watered landscape. 

Even though irrigation systems may run themselves, they cannot maintain themselves! Regular monitoring and inspecting are key! Did you know that irrigation issues are in the top three causes of water leaks? A lot can go wrong and quickly.