Invitation to Customers of Soquel Creek Water District to Participate in Water Rates Advisory Committee

The Soquel Creek Water District is seeking customers to volunteer their time to participate in the water rate-setting process for 2019. 

We have two public openings on our newly formed Water Rates Advisory Committee, which is a temporary committee comprised of staff, two members of our Board and two customers of Soquel Creek Water District.  This committee will meet periodically between now and December 2018 to provide input on the following:

  • Evaluation of the District’s water rate structure
  • Recommendation of a rate consultant to perform a water rate study
  • Recommendations on the best way to educate and inform our customers about rates

The cost to provide water service is driven by the number of service connections in our water system – the quantity and location of wells and pump stations, the miles of distribution mains, the number of individual service connections requiring meter reading, billing, and more.  These costs remain the same regardless of how much water is used.  Our existing rate structure, however, charges customers based primarily on how much water is used.  This means when our customers conserve, current water rates have to increase to cover the fixed cost to provide water service.  Our objective is to reevaluate our rate structure and find a solution that generates enough revenue to continue to provide high quality service, while responding to the needs of our customers and adhering to California laws on public water rates.

Application Process:
Complete the Water Rates Advisory Committee Application by March 31, 2017, and send to:

Soquel Creek Water District
Attn:  Leslie Strohm
P.O. Box 1550
Capitola, CA  95010

Or email application to For questions call (831) 475-8501 ext. 132.

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