WCC at County Fair

Visit the Water Conservation Coalition's booth at the Santa Cruz County Fair in the Harvest Building and see examples of Monterey Bay Friendly Landscaping around the Floriculture Buildings. 

Soquel Creek Water District is part of the Water Conservation Coalition of Santa Cruz County. 

The Water Conservation Coalition is a partnership between all the larger water agencies in Santa Cruz County as well as the County Environmental Health Department, Ecology Action and other groups who share a passion for water conservation.  Our goal is to combine efforts and share resources to provide a common message about water conservation issues to residents throughout Santa Cruz County. Our County is a special place because ALL of our water supply comes from rain that falls within our County boundaries, making conservation a top priority.  Though each water district gets drinking water from different sources, we all share a common goal and work together to protect water resources in our aquifers and watersheds and continue to provide safe, high quality drinking water to all who live, work and play in Santa Cruz County.

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