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Fire Protection Requirements Form

This form must be completed by the appropriate Fire Protection District for any new water service or change in water service and returned to the Water District.

Form pdf
Retrofit Disclosure Form

This form is to be used when the Seller’s property, whether residential, commercial, or industrial, is situated within: the area of the City of Capitola served by the Soquel Creek Water District. 

All existing residential, commercial, and industrial buildings that use water in showers, toilets, and urinals, shall, at the time of sale of the property, be retrofitted exclusively with low consumption plumbing fixtures. The Seller shall be responsible for complying with the requirements of this chapter and for obtaining a water conservation certificate from the Soquel Creek Water District before the sale of the property.


Form pdf
Transfer of Responsibility to Retrofit Form

All residential, commercial and industrial buildings within the City of Capitola and the unincorporated areas receiving water from the Soquel Creek Water District are required to be retrofitted with low consumption plumbing fixtures when a property is sold. Under the law, the seller of the property is responsible for retrofitting. The responsibility for retrofitting may to be transferred from the seller to the buyer, if both parties mutually agree to do so. This form is used when the buyer agrees to perform the required plumbing fixture retrofit.

Form pdf
Variance Application

Request variances from certain district policies for new water service connections using this form.

Form pdf
Water Waiver Form for Pressure and/or Flow

This waiver form acknowledges the reality of high and low pressure areas in the water system. If your water service is in a high or low water pressure area, fill out this form to release the District of liability for any damages to your plumbing system.

Form pdf
WDO Green Credit Fact Sheet and Application Form - Residential

Use this form to plan for water use efficient fixtures and appliances in your new home and reduce the water demand offset required.

Form pdf
WDO Green Credit Fact Sheet and Application Form - Commercial

Use this form to plan for water use efficient fixtures and appliances in your new or expanding commercial building and reduce the water demand offset required.

Form pdf
Grand Jury Report, 2014

Desalination and Alternatives, Water for a Thirsty County

Report pdf
Grand Jury Report, 2004-20005 Report pdf
Urban Water Management Plan, 2010 Report pdf
Integrated Resources Plan, 2006 Report pdf
JPA for Groundwater Management Publication pdf
Second Amendment to JPA Publication pdf
First Amendment to the JPA Publication pdf
Ethics Policy Publication pdf
New Water Service Application

Please read the Water Demand Offset information page to get started and then fill out the application for new water service.

Form pdf
Public Records Borrow Form

Use this form when borrowing public records.

Form pdf
Public Records Request Form

Public Records Request Form: Use this form when requesting copies of public records.

Form pdf
Integrated Resources Plan, 1999

Montgomery Watson, June 1999

Report pdf
Water Recycling Facilities Planning Study - Final Report

Black and Veach, June 2009

Report pdf
Soquel-Aptos Area Groundwater Management Annual Review and Report, Water Year 2012

HydroMetrics, May 2013

Report pdf
Integrated Resources Plan, 2012 Report pdf