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Groundwater Assessment of Alternative Conjunctive Use Scenarios - Technical Memorandum 2: Hydrogeologic Conceptual Model Report pdf
Soquel-Aptos Area Groundwater Management Annual Review and Report, Water Year 2013 Report pdf
10-yr Financial & Water Rate Study Summary of Recommendations Report pdf
Monitoring Well Destruction, Replacement, and New Installations at Various Locations: Soquel, Aptos, and La Selva Beach, CA Report pdf
Water Conservation in Landscaping Ordinance 10-02

Water Conservation in Landscaping Ordinance 10-02 was adopted on August 17, 2010. This ordinance follows the California Water Conservation in Landscaping Act, also known as the State Landscape Model Ordinance, which establishes certain landscape design standards that save water in new and expanding landscapes. The California Water Conservation in Landscaping Act was amended pursuant to AB 2717 (Chapter 682, Stats. 2004) and AB 1881 (Chapter 559, Stats. 2006).

Publication pdf
Tier 2 Single Family Residential, Multi-Family, Commercial, Industrial and Public Requirements Overview

Overview of the Soquel Creek Water District Water Use Efficiency Requirements for Tier II Single-Family Residential, Multi-Family Residential, Commercial, Industrial & Public Development. This summary sheet provides an overview of the key requirements as derived from District Indoor & Outdoor Ordinances 13-02 and 10-02.

Publication pdf
Indoor Water Use Efficiency Ordinance 13-02

The indoor water use ordinance 13-02 (amending 10-01 on September 17, 2013) sets water efficiency standards indoors and outdoors for all new development, regardless of building classification, 1. requiring new or expanded water service. 2. Any existing development, regardless of building classification, requiring new or expanded water service. 3. All kitchen and bathroom remodels requiring a building permit, plan check, design review, or new or expanded water service, except that the provisions of this Ordinance will only apply to the fixtures normally included in the kitchen or bathroom, as the case may be, to be remodeled.

Publication pdf
Single-Family Residential Tier 1 requirements overview

Single-Family Residential Tier 1 (parcels that are less than 10,000 square feet) are required to be built or remodeled with certain water efficiencies in mind. See this overview for details about the requirements.

Publication pdf
WDO New Applicant Form and offset calculations

Calculate your development's water demand offset credit using this form.

Form pdf
What's On Tap Quarterly Newsletter - July 2014

Quarterly Newsletter mailed out to District Customers

Publication pdf
Income and Investment - May 2014 Report pdf
Ordinance 14-01 No Water Waste Policy with votes and signed

Water Waste Prohibition Ordinance 14-01 limits certain wasteful uses for water with the Board of Directors' votes. Also see the water waste rules page.

Publication pdf
Ordinance 14-01 No Water Waste Ordinance Summary Publication pdf
Ethics Training Certificates Publication pdf
Order and Decorum and Meeting Policy Publication pdf
2013 Financial Report Report pdf
2012 Financial Report Report pdf
2011 Financial Statement Report pdf
Fire Hydrant and Fire Service Installation Procedures

Fire protection is required for all new and expanding buildings. Follow the procedures in this brochure to get approval for installation of a fire hydrant or fire service 3 inches or larger.

Form pdf
General Submittal Form in .doc format Form doc
General Submittal Form in .pdf format Form pdf
Application for Alternate Water Metering System

Application to opt out of receiving an Automatic Meter Reading meter. 

Form pdf
Fire Protection Requirements Form

This form must be completed by the appropriate Fire Protection District for any new water service or change in water service and returned to the Water District.

Form pdf