Initial Study/Proposed Negative Declaration for Land Acquisition for a Future Employee Parking Lot/Corporation Yard Extension

Project Overview:

The intended purpose of the land acquisition is to expand the Soquel Creek Water District’s parking and corporation yard capacity by eventually constructing an internally accessed parking area that will be available for employee parking, fleet vehicles and equipment storage.

The opportunity to purchase the land is underpinned by the Soquel Creek Water District Draft Master Plan Report, by Noll & Tam Architects, released in March of 2015. The report identified the District’s current needs, vision, and objectives for its existing 5180 Soquel Drive headquarters. One of the key objectives detailed within the Master Plan is the District’s need for the acquisition of an adjacent vacant lot located directly west of the existing facility.

Soquel Creek Water District is the Lead Agency for the project. The property purchase is intended to be completed after the environmental review is certified.


Author / Consultant: 
Hamilton Swift & Associates, Inc.