Apply for an Adjustment to Your Bill

The District will grant an adjustment for a leak or unexplained high water use once every three years. Adjustments are applied as a credit to the customer's account and are not available as a refund unless the account is closed.  If you have experienced a leak or unexplained high water use, please fill out the Leak Adjustment Request form to qualify. Email the form to billing@soquelcreekwater.org

Fixing Leaks Protects the Water Supply 

Even a little leak can waste a lot of water…and money on your water bill. Soquel Creek Water District staff will notify you of a suspected leak after your monthly meter reading if 24 hours of continuous water use has been detected or your usage is significantly higher than normal. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates 10% of households have leaks wasting 90 gallons of water per day or more. Checking for and fixing leaks is often easy. We can help. Thank you for being diligent partners in protecting our water supply by finding and fixing leaks! 

Check for Leaks

1.  Check your toilets and irrigation system

picture of a leaky hose

These are common sources of leaks. Open the tank on the back of the toilet and add several drops of food coloring, or use the FREE toilet leak detection kits available at our office during business hours. Wait 15 minutes. If colored water shows up in the toilet bowl, there is a leak. Replace or re-adjust the flapper and check for leaks again. We provide FREE flappers to customers as well. 

Check your irrigation system while it is both off and on. Things to look for that indicate leaks include tall vegetation or moss growing around sprinkler heads, wet spots on soil or pavement, eroding soil, dry spots in your lawn, etc. 

2.  Use your water meter

Follow our meter reading instructions to help verify if you have a leak.

3.  Get help

Schedule a FREE water wise house call with our conservation and irrigation expert. We can help you confirm if you have a leak and offer advice on how to address it.  You can also hire a local professional leak detector if you know you have a leak, but can't find it.

Fix Your Leaks!

1.  Do-it-yourself 

Depending on what kind of leak you have and how handy you are, you may be able to fix your leak on your own. You can find how-to videos and other helpful local resources at WaterSavingTips.org.

2.  Leave it to the professionals

Hire a local plumber to fix your leak. The cost eventually pays for itself in money saved on your water bill! 

We're Fixing Our Leaks, Too

picture of a pipe being replaced

Our staff are on call 24/7 to address unexpected leaks that arise on our side of the water meters such as water main breaks and fire hydrants hit by cars. In 2018 our customer service field staff responded to over 200 service calls and construction and maintenance staff fixed close to 79 service leaks and 13 main leaks. We are also proactively working to upgrade older parts of our water system to prevent future leaks in older pipes.  

Call 831-475-8500 if you see water gushing in the street.

picture of a pipe that has burst