Current Water Rates and Fees

Your Water Bill 

2021 Water Rates and Fees

What does my water bill pay for?

When you pay your water bill, that money goes directly towards delivering clean, safe and reliable water service to your home or business.  The District does not receive any money from taxes.  Water rates maintain and improve our local water system, support conservation efforts, and develop new sources of water to save the groundwater basin that we rely on for our water supply. 

How is my monthly water bill calculated?

Your water bill is made up of the following charges:

  • The monthly fixed service charge helps cover some of the fixed costs of the water system and is billed based on the size of your water meter.  Larger water meters are billed a higher service charge than smaller water meters.
  • The water quantity charge is billed based on how much water you use during the month.  The amount of water you use is measured in units.  A unit is equal to 748 gallons.  Residential households have a 2-tier rate structure.  Water used in Tier 1 can be safely provided from our current water supply.  Water used in Tier 2 is more than our current water supply can provide on its own, so additional water supplies have to be developed. 
  • Some customers also pay a private fire service charge if their buildings are equipped with fire sprinklers. These charges are based on the size of the fire line serving the property.

Customers are divided into the following billing classes: Single-family Residential, Multi-family Residential, Commercial, and Irrigation/Outdoor. Ninety percent of the District’s customers are residential.  

Water Bill Comparison Table


Emergency Rates

Proposition 218 Mailer Including Emergency Water Rates

If an emergency happens that affects the water supply the Board of Directors can authorize Emergency Water Rates.  Types of water emergencies could include water shortages, drought, natural disasters, or threats to our only groundwater supply.  The District can also be in a water shortage emergency without charging emergency rates.  The District is currently in a Stage 3 Water Shortage Emergency because of threats to our groundwater basin, but we are not currently charging emergency rates.