Remodels and Fire Services

framing for building additionIf you are building a brand new unit (ie. the number of habitable units on the property is increasing), please start here for an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU), Single Family Home, Commercial or Other new service.

If the number of units on your property is not increasing (ie. a remodel or a tear-down/rebuild of an existing home) or if you’ve completed the will serve process for an additional unit, this page will outline the process of constructing a new water service or hydrant.

  1. Contact the engineering department at (831)475-8500 and ask for engineering or send an email to and
  2. Submit the following forms to Engineering:
  3. District will prepare an applicant installed agreement for the applicant along with an Exhibit A detailing the required fees.
  4. Sign the agreement & Pay remaining fees to the District including:
    • Water Capacity Fees (if applicable)
    • Meter Drop Fees
    • Inspection Deposit
  5. Select a contractor to install the service and provide the contractor name and copy of the quote to the District.  You may contact engineering for a list of contractors who are prequalified to install services in our District.
  6. Notify the District 48 hours before construction begins. Have service installed. The construction must pass the inspection before water service will begin.

Applicant Installed service agreement flowchart


This process is detailed in the Applicant Installed Service Procedure.



Water Capacity Fees

There is an established Water Capacity Charge based on the size of the meter. Water Capacity fees are payable any time after a building permit or tentative map is granted and before the District will drop a meter and activate service. Effective January 1, 2019, standard size meter charges are:

Meter Size 2019 Capacity Charge 2020 Capacity Charge
5/8 inch restricted meter $8,613 $8,871
5/8 inch meter $17,225 $17,742
3/4 inch meter $25,838 $26,613
1 inch meter $43,063 $44,355
1 1/2 inch meter $77,514 $79,839
2 inch meter $150,721 $155,243
3 inch meter $284,217 $292,744
4 inch meter $378,957 $390,325
6 inch meter $1,033,518 $1,064,525

Meter Fees

  Meter Cost
Combination Service
5/8" Domestic and 2" Fire Service 5/8" & 5/8" $598
Single Service
5/8" Domestic or Irrigation Service 5/8" $299
1" Domestic Service 1" $380
2" Fire Service 5/8" $299


Construction of Service or Hydrant

The applicant is required to hire a contractor to install the new water service that can meet the District’s insurance and bonding requirements. They must also have a Class A Contractor’s license. Contact the engineering department for a copy of the Pre-Approved Contractor’s List to install District Services.

Cost of installation will vary by contractor.

Administrative/Inspection Deposit

The District must inspect the work done by the contractor to insure that the installation is done in accordance with District specifications. A deposit is collected on this work.

For a typical Service to a home or commercial building the District collects $1,500. Hydrants, complicated services, contractors that are not on the pre-approved list may be reason for the District to collect a larger deposit. The District bills time against this deposit for administering the project, and field inspections. Any funds remaining in the deposit at the end of the project are refunded to the applicant. Typically, a large enough deposit is collected to cover these costs, but rarely the deposit amount may be exceeded and the applicant will be responsible to pay the overage.