Remodels and Fire Services

framing for building additionIf you are remodeling or rebuilding a home or making commercial tenant improvements which triggers the addition of fire sprinklers this page will outline the process of constructing a new fire water service or hydrant.

If you are building a brand new unit (ie. the number of habitable units on the property is increasing) or your commercial unit is changing use, please start here for an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU)Single Family HomeCommercial or Other new service.

The size of fire service is determined to the Fire District. They will need to review your building plans and sign off on the bottom portion of our Fire Protections Requirement Form. You will need to hire your own Contractor to install the new Fire Service. This process is detailed in the Applicant Installed Service Flow Chart.

Contact us with the information below to have a Staff member review your project and get back to you for the next steps.

Costs and Rates

  • Each fire service will require one new water meter – the standard 5/8” size. Please refer to our current Rates & Fees page.
  • You will also be responsible for paying an Admin/Inspection deposit to the District to cover our time reviewing and inspecting your Contractors work. This amount is determined based on the size of the project.

Request More Information

Please check the District Boundary Map to make sure your project is within our District boundaries. If it is and you are looking for Fire Flow information for the nearest hydrant to perform you own hydraulic calculations for a fire sprinkler suppression system, please contact us with the information below. 

Contact Amanda Bunte, Engineering Technician, by email at or by phone at (831)475-8500 ext. 165. Please include the following in your request so that we may serve you better.

  1. Name
  2. Relation to Project (i.e contractor, owner, architect, etc.)
  3. Phone Number
  4. Email Address
  5. Project Address
  6. Project APN
  7. Description of Project (or other notes you would like to include) 

Other Forms