• Up to $150 per installed submeter for residential dwelling or commercial property units currently served by a single meter

  • Up to $150 per installed submeter to separate indoor service from outdoor service

Submeter Rebate Application

The Soquel Creek Water District offers a rebate to help cover the cost of submeters installed at multiple dwelling units like condominiums, apartments, and mobile homes.  The rebate can also be used for mixed-use residential and landscape water systems that are served through one “master meter”.

The Benefits of SubmeteringSubmeters at a commercial building

Submetering encourages efficiency by making individual users, within a multi-family residential dwelling or commercial property complex, responsible for their own water use.  Those who use more, pay more. This encourages water conservation by holding the individual user responsible for their water use and can make leak detection easier.  Separating indoor and outdoor water use enables account holders to better track water use patterns, can potentially help reduce sewer fees, and promotes landscape water use efficiency.

Soquel Creek Water District Submeter Rebate Approval Process

  1. Call the Water Conservation office before starting work on the project: (831) 475-8501 ext. 146 or email
  2. Schedule a pre-construction inspection and complete an Application with the District.
  3. Select and install the meters within 6 months of the pre-construction inspection.
  4. Schedule a post-construction inspection, within 6 months of pre-construction inspection, and submit original receipts for materials and related labor; copies of the installation invoice; copies of permit from the California Department of Housing and Community Development where applicable, and the submeter certification from the Santa Cruz County Department of Weights and Measures.

Submetering Rebate Eligibility

Complete rebate eligibility requirements are listed on the Submeter Rebate Application. However, we still want you to be aware of the following:

  • This rebate requires a pre-construction inspection by Soquel Creek Water District (SqCWD) staff.
  • After the work is completed, please submit copies of the installation invoice, copies of the permit from the California Housing and Community Development where applicable, and the submeter certificate from the Santa Cruz County Department of Weights and Measures.
  • No rebate will exceed the purchase price of the item(s) and labor cost for installation, for a total rebate amount of up to $150 per meter. Permits, certification, registration, maintenance and software or billing costs are not covered by this rebate.
  • The rebated equipment must be installed at an existing SqCWD service address and must be installed prior to receiving the rebate. New development and replacement of existing meters are not eligible for rebates.
  • The IRS requires all rebate program participants receiving $600 or more per calendar year in rebates to be issued an IRS Form 1099.  However, California Assembly Bill 2434 adds Sections17138.2 and 24308.2 to the Revenue and Taxation Code which reads as follows: For taxable years beginning on or after January 1, 2014 and before January 1, 2019, gross income does not include any amount received as a rebate, voucher, or other financial incentive issue by a local water agency or supplier for participation in a turf removal water conservation program. Thus, customer submittal of a completed IRS W-9 is not currently required for turf removal rebates in excess of $600 per calendar year.

If you have any questions regarding submeter rebates, or need additional information, please contact our Conservation Department at (831)475-8500, option 8.

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