Drip Irrigation Retrofit

Up to $20 per every 100 square feet of area converted from spray irrigation to drip irrigation

Replace your overhead spray irrigation (i.e. in-ground riser-mounted or pop-up spray sprinklers) with low-volume drip (and/or microspray) irrigation and receive up to $20 per every 100 square feet of garden area converted. In addition to receiving a rebate, you’ll save money on your water bill by improving irrigation efficiency and reduce pollution from urban runoff.

Drip Irrigation Retrofit Rebate Application

Up to $20 per every 100 square feet of area converted from spray irrigation to low-volume drip (and/or microspray) irrigation, not to exceed the cost of materials.

The maximum drip irrigation retrofit rebate is: $1,000 per fiscal year (July 1-June 30) for single-family residential customers; and $10,000 per fiscal year for commercial and multi-family residential customers.

If you have any questions regarding our drip irrigation retrofit rebate, or need additional information, please contact our Conservation Department at (831) 475-8500.

Water savings
When you replace overhead spray irrigation with low-volume drip irrigation, you can save a significant amount of water. Drip irrigation systems slowly deliver moisture directly to the roots of plants, resulting in less evaporation and wind-drift than with overhead sprinklers. Also, when water is delivered slowly and steadily to plants, there is a lower likelihood of over watering, less water waste due to water runoff, and less risk of plant disease due to excess moisture and water pooling in the soil and mulch.

Drip Irrigation Retrofit Rebate Eligibility

Complete rebate eligibility requirements are listed on the drip irrigation retrofit rebate application. However, we still want you to be aware of the following:

  • This rebate requires a pre-approval inspection by District staff. The District will provide the applicant with a pre-approval form that must be signed and provided to the District representative at the time the pre-approval inspection is completed. Do not remove the existing spray irrigation system until after the pre-approval inspection.
  • Drip irrigation systems must be installed and rebate applications must be postmarked within 90 days of the materials purchase date.
  • The minimum landscape area to qualify for the drip irrigation retrofit rebate is 100 square feet.
  • Rebate applies to materials only. Sales tax and labor are not included.
  • Riser-mounted or pop-up spray sprinklers that irrigate existing landscaping must be replaced with low-volume drip (and/or microspray) irrigation.
  • The existing spray irrigation system must be in working condition prior to the conversion.
  • For maximum water efficiency, we recommend the drip irrigation system be designed and installed by a California Landscape Contractors Association Certified Water Manager or a Certified Santa Cruz County Green Gardner.
  • The irrigation retrofit project must be inspected by District staff before the rebate credit is approved.
  • The maximum drip irrigation retrofit rebate for single-family residential customers is for 5,000 square feet of area converted from spray to drip ($1,000 per fiscal year). Commercial/institutional and multifamily residential customers may receive a maximum rebate of $10,000 per fiscal year for 50,000 square feet of area converted from spray to drip.
  • The drip irrigation retrofit rebate cannot be combined with the turf replacement rebate.
  • The IRS requires all rebate program participants receiving $600 or more per calendar year in rebates to be issued an IRS Form 1099 unless exemptions apply. If you have received rebates from Soquel Creek Water District (SqCWD) totaling $600 or more in the current calendar year, you must submit a completed IRS W-9 Form with your rebate application to receive a rebate. The Social Security or Tax ID number requested in the rebate application process is in compliance with exemptions to the Federal Privacy Act of 1974, 42 UCS 405 (c)(2)(c). Social Security numbers provided as part of the application process are held in confidence under terms of the Privacy Act and are not divulged or otherwise conveyed to individuals or organizations outside the SqCWD Rebate Program.

Drip Irrigation Retrofit Rebate Approval Process

  1. Schedule a pre-approval inspection. Call (831) 475-8501 x146 or email roys@soquelcreekwater.org.
  2. Complete work and save all materials receipts.
  3. Schedule a post-inspection. Call (831) 475-8501  E-mail roys@soquelcreekwater.org.
  4. Submit Drip Irrigation Retrofit Rebate Application, attached original receipts for low-volume irrigation system components, and a completed IRS W-9 Form within 90 days of materials purchase.

Useful Resources and Links

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