The Rules of Water Waste

The Rules of Water Waste

Ordinance 14-01

The following restrictions will help protect the District’s water supply from groundwater overdraft, seawater intrusion, and drought.

  • No general water waste: Indiscriminate running of water or washing in a manner that is wasteful and without reasonable purpose is prohibited.
  • No irrigation run-off: Adjust irrigation systems to prevent overspray and run-off.
  • No sprinkler use between 10 a.m. and 8 p.m.: Only watering mornings or evenings reduces water loss from evaporation and wind.
  • No hosing down of hard or paved surface except when necessary for health and safety. Positive shut-off nozzle is required.
  • Always use a positive shut-off hose nozzle for outdoor water use (free hose nozzles are available to District customers).
  • Always repair irrigation system and plumbing leaks within 72 hours.
  • Food service establishments may only serve drinking water upon customer request and must display notice of this policy. (Call to request free signs).
  • Hospitality/ lodging establishments must give customers the option to forego daily laundering of linens and must display notice of this policy. (Call to request free signs).
  • No watering during rainfall or for 48 hours following measurable rainfall.

Temporary Stage 3 Water Shortage Emergency rules

  • No exterior washing of structures (unless necessary for sanitation and health or to prepare for paint or stain and a pressure washer is used).
  • Car washing at home must be efficient. Use waterless spray, bucket and hose with automatic shut-off nozzle, or pressure washer. If possible, water should not run off of the property.
    • Efficient car washes within our District
      • Bay Avenue Self Serve Car Wash, 821 Bay Avenue, Capitola, CA  95010
      • AJ's Fuel and Car Wash, 5955 Soquel Drive, Soquel, CA  95073
  • Commercial customers must display "Save Water" signage (free signs are available)

Report Water Waste and Leaks

Please report water waste incidents the following ways: 

Please include the following if possible:

  • Location (address and detailed description)
  • Date and time of day
  • Brief description of the problem/type of water waste
  • Photo of the waste or leak occurring if possible

All water waste reports are confidential. We will investigate all non-emergency water waste reports as soon as possible during regular business hours (Monday-Friday 8-5pm). 

 Are you reporting a water emergency? 

If you see an actively gushing or spraying pipe or see a wet spot forming unexpectedly in the street or ground, this may be a water emergency. Call us immediately at 831-475-8500 to report the emergency. After business hours, you will reach our on-call phone dispatcher.

Please provide the staff member with a description of the emergency and the location. 

Please contact District Staff at