Conserve and Protect

Our Water is Groundwater. Together, Let's Protect It!

Currently, all of our community’s water is groundwater, pumped with wells from underground aquifers.

Like a bank account, these aquifers are in a state of overdraft meaning more water is being pumped out of them than is naturally replaced by rainfall soaking into the ground. In fact, the amount of water being pumped out needs to be reduced by 35% for a period of 20 years. This will allow water levels to recover and prevent seawater intrusion from irreversibly contaminating the water supply.

Seawater intrusion is happening in many coastal communities in California and around the world. However, our community has a window of opportunity now to protect our groundwater supply, together. It will take a community effort.

The District is currently working on multiple solutions to protect the aquifers, including:

Here are 3 simple ways you can help protect your water:

  1. Learn about: the source of your water
  2. Stay Informed: Sign-up to receive information about news and events affecting your water
  3. Conserve Water: Schedule a free, personalized water-wise house call to find out how or take advantage of our rebate program