Commercial and Institutional Remodel or Change of Use

Expansion of Commercial, Industrial, or Institutional Developments

  1. Contact Water conservation staff to schedule an appointment to discuss your project. District staff will review and identify project requirements and provide an estimate of charges based on proposed water use for the new development.  Requirements include:
    1. Water Demand Offset fees
    2. Water Use Efficiency Requirements
  2. If the expansion or change of use is deemed to have a higher water demand then the existing development, the difference in water demand for expansion will determine the Water Demand Offset requirement. Sign the “New Water Service Applicant Agreement” and get on the waiting list to purchase Water Demand Offset credits
  3. Purchase 1/2 of your WDO credits from the toilet rebate program when they become available. Purchase 1/2 of your WDO credits for long-term project offsets at any time between the time you get on the waiting list and get a Conditional Will Serve approval.
  4. Get a Conditional Will Serve approval for your project.
  5. Complete the indoor and outdoor Water Use Efficiency (WUE) requirements.
  6. If the project requires a new meter, District staff will place the project on the next available Board agenda for an "Unconditional Will Serve" approval.  If the project requires a new fire service only, the applicant may not need to get a will serve approval from the board.
  7. Once an "Unconditional Will Serve is approved, applicant shall pay all remaining fees (if a new meter is required, refer to the fees below)
  8. Applicant can proceed with the expansion project. If a new service is required, applicant must hire a contractor to install the new service and follow the Applicant Installed Service Guidelines.  Staff may review project after completion to ensure that Water Use Efficiency Requirements and Go Green building measures (if applicable) were met.

Complete Process Flow Diagram

Please refer to the process flow diagram for Minor Land Divisions, Subdivisions, Multiple Unit, Commercial, Industrial, or Institutional Developments. Click on Image to open up a larger .pdf.



Service Connection and Meter Charges

Applicant is responsible for locating and hiring a licensed contractor to install the required service.  Applicant is required to pay any remaining District fees including, the applicable meter drop for their service size, and a deposit for inspection (determined on a project by project basis).

  Meter Drop Size Cost
Combination Services
5/8" Domestic and 2" Fire Service 5/8" & 5/8" $598
1" Domestic and 2" Fire Service 1" & 5/8" $679
Single Service
5/8" Domestic or Irrigation Service 5/8" $299
1" Domestic Service 1" $380
1 1/2" or larger Domestic Service 1 1/2" or larger Actual Costs
2" Fire Service 5/8" $299

Water Capacity Charges

In addition to the Service Connection and Meter Charges there is an established Water Capacity Charge based on the size of the meter.  Water Capacity fees are payable any time after a building permit or tentative map is granted and before the District will drop a meter and activate service. Effective January 17, 2017, standard meter charges are:

5/8 inch meter or 1 inch restricted meter $16,560
1 inch meter $41,400
1.5 inch meter $74,520

Water Demand Offset Fees

Applicants changing the use of a parcel in way which is expected to lead to higher use must comply with the Water Demand Offset (WDO) Program and offset two times the amount of new water demand expected from the development. Building permits approved after June 17, 2014 must pay an offset fee of $55,000 per acre foot. WDO fees are used by the District to fund water conservation or supply projects in the service area that provide an equivalent amount of water.  Applicants must first contact the District and present the proposed building plans.  The District will calculate expected water demand based on the parcel size and use of the new development and determine the offset requirement. See Water Demand Offset Program page for more info.

Calculate your proposed development's water demand using the following offset values on this form.

Water Demand Offset Fees must be paid before Board approval is granted and before plans can be submitted to the City of Capitola or the County of Santa Cruz. There is currently a waiting list to purchase offsets.

To see the current waiting list (updated 09/28/18), click the link below: