Art Halls

The Soquel Creek Water District supports local artists by holding a space to show art. The headquarters building has an art gallery hallway, meeting room and lobby space for rotating art. Ask for Vai at the front counter to see the art on display. Art halls are open by appointment from 8am-12pm and 1pm-5pm. Closed from 12-1pm.

Currently showing: The gallery is currently available for a new artist.

Gallery Description The two main hallways and the meeting room at the headquarters office at 5180 Soquel Dr. has room for about 15-20 framed pieces. The halls are mounted with LED track lighting with low energy but bright spot lights that are adjustable and the mounted cabled hanging system makes it easy to hang and arrange art that has been framed with a wired back or place for a hook. 

Past artists who have shown here are:

If you're interested in showing art at the Soquel Creek Water District, contact Vai Campbell at 475-8500 ext. 142 or by email. You can stop by any time between 8-5 pm Monday - Friday and ask Vai to show you the art in our halls. Closed between 12-1pm.