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What: Pure Water Soquel is a groundwater replenishment and seawater intrusion prevention project using advanced water purification methods to purify recycled water for replenishing the groundwater basin to increase protective water levels and prevent against seawater intrusion from moving further inland.

Where: The Project includes facilities in portions of the cities of Santa Cruz and Capitola, and in the Live Oak, Soquel, and Aptos communities of unincorporated Santa Cruz County, California. The treatment process is planned to be split: tertiary treatment at the Santa Cruz Wastewater Treatment Facility and Advanced Water Purification at the corner of Chanticleer Ave/Soquel Ave and the planned three seawater intrusion prevention wells at Monterey Avenue, Willowbrook Lane, and Cabrillo College Drive. Click here to see a map of the planned sites and conveyance pipelines (click to see map).

Why: The Project will help increase the sustainability of the District’s groundwater supply, upon which it currently relies for 100% of its water supply, reduce the degree of overdraft conditions in the District’s groundwater basin, protect against and aid in preventing further seawater intrusion of the groundwater basin, and promote beneficial reuse by reducing discharge of treated wastewater to the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary by 25%.

When: The project is currently in Year 5 of development with certification of the Environmental Impact Report (EIR) and Project Approval in 2018.  In 2019, preliminary design was initiated and the goal remains to be on-line by 2022.  

Cost: It is anticipated that the cost of the project is approximately $90 million. The District has been awarded over $2 million dollars in grants for planning efforts and are exploring federal and state grant programs for implementation/construction.  The Pure Water Soquel Project meets the criteria to compete for grant funding through programs such as the State's Prop 1 Groundwater Program (up to $50 million), US Bureau of Reclamation's Title XVI Program (up to $20 million) as well as low-interest loans through the State Revolving Fund program and WIFIA. 




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