CEQA - California Environmental Quality Act

Pure Water Soquel LogoThe California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) requires state and local agencies to identify the significant effects a proposed project may have on the physical environment. In accordance with CEQA, a Draft Environmental Impact Report (Draft EIR) has been prepared to identify and evaluate the potential environmental effects of the proposed Pure Water Soquel Project, indicate how and whether the significant effects can be mitigated or avoided, and describe and analyze possible alternatives to the Project. 

 The review and input of the public, agencies, and interested parties is an important part of the CEQA process, which provides a number of opportunities for public participation. Preparation of an EIR ensures that the District considers potential environmental effects of the proposed Project and public input when deciding whether to approve the Project.

The environmental review process, under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) provides many ways for the public to get involved and comment during the process.

The 45-day comment period was from June 29 through August 13, 2018. All comments had to be postmarked or received via email by August 13, 2018 for consideration in the Final EIR.  People could comment by:

  • Email - Submit comments via email to purewatersoquelceqa@esassoc.com
  • Mail- Mail written comments to:
    Pure Water Soquel Project CEQA
    4041 Soquel DR, STE A-501
    Soquel, CA 95073 -3105

Public Meeting Materials - July 31, 2018 (6:00–8:00 pm at Twin Lakes Church, 2701 Cabrillo College Dr., Monschke Hall, Aptos, CA 95003).

Community Handbook

Community Handbook: A Guide to the Draft Environmental  Impact Report and Review Process

The Community Handbook is an easy-to-follow 24-page guide to the Draft EIR. It’s intended to provide a summary and overview of the proposed Project and key elements of the environmental analysis in the Draft EIR, including design features, mitigation measures, and feasible alternatives. The handbook also provides information about the environmental review process and how to provide comments on the Draft EIR.

The Community Handbook is available here (pdf, 13MB).


Draft EIR and Appendices

A pdf version of the Draft EIR is available for viewing online or to print (below). You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer to view these files. If you do not have the Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer simply click here to download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

You can also view hard copies at the following locations:

  • Soquel Creek Water District Office, 5180 Soquel Dr., Soquel
  • Santa Cruz Public Libraries (Check website for hours of operation)
    • Aptos Branch, 7695 Soquel Drive, Aptos
    • Branciforte Branch, 230 Gault Street,Santa Cruz
    • Downtown Branch, 224 Church Street, Santa Cruz
    • Garfield Park Branch, 705 Woodrow Avenue, Santa Cruz
    • La Selva Branch, 316 Estrella Avenue, La Selva Beach
    • Live Oak Branch, 2380 Portola Drive, Santa Cruz
  • Porter Memorial Public Library, 3050 Porter Street, Soquel
Sections File Size
Notice of Availability 1.03 MB
Complete Draft EIR (all sections EXCEPT Appendices listed below)  18 MB
Cover and Table of Contents 99 KB
Acronyms and Glossary 57 KB
Chapter 1: Summary 254 KB
Chapter 2: Introduction and Background 687 KB
Chapter 3: Project Description 2.2 MB
Chapter 4: Environmental Setting, Impacts, and Mitigation Measures
    4.1. Overview 72 KMB
    4.2. Aesthetics 2.1 MB
    4.3. Air Quality 210 KB
    4.4. Biological Resources 5.7 MB
    4.5. Cultural Resources 251 KB
    4.6. Energy Conservation 109 KB
    4.7. Geology and Paleontology 537 KB
    4.8. Greenhouse Gas Emissions 123 KB
    4.9. Hazards and Hazardous Materials 321 KB
    4.10. Hydrology Resources – Groundwater 2.5 MB
    4.11. Hydrology Resources – Surface Water 1.1 MB
    4.12. Land Use and Recreation 325 KB
    4.13. Noise and Vibration 1.1 MB
    4.14. Population and Housing 77 KB
    4.15. Transportation 186 KB
    4.16. Tribal Cultural Resources 37 KB
    4.17. Utilities and Service Systems 87 KB
Chapter 5: Cumulative Impacts 622 KB
Chapter 6: Other CEQA Considerations 117 KB
Chapter 7: Alternatives 267 KB
Chapter 8: Report Preparers 15 KB
Appendices for Draft EIR (all sections listed below) 82 MB
    A. NOP and Scoping Report 73 MB
    B. Health Risk Assessment and Construction Emissions Estimates 3 MB
    C-1. Special Status Species Considered for the Proposed Project 320 KB
    C-2. Terrestrial and Freshwater Species Considered for the Proposed Project 279 KB
    C-3. Local Plans and Policies Relevant to Biological Resources 78 KB
    D. Pure Water Soquel Model Simulation Results 7 MB
    E. Summary of Impacts and Mitigation Measures from City of Capitola and County of Santa Cruz General Plan EIRs    974 KB





























Scoping Process (November 2016 – July 2017)

Here is an overview of the elements of the Scoping Process for this proposed Project, which took place November 2016 through June 2017.

Notice of Preparation/Initial Study (NOP/IS)

Public Scoping Meetings

To Learn About the Project

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