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We apologize for any inconvenience our work may cause to our customers and neighbors, and we thank you for your patience as we improve your drinking water system and facilities.

All work is typically scheduled between the hours of 8:00 am and 5:00 pm unless otherwise noted.

Last updated:  September 8, 2020




Water Metering System Upgrade to Advanced Metering Infrastructure •  Ongoing – September 2020

The District has contracted with Professional Meters, Inc. (PMI) to upgrade our water metering system to Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI). Our contractor is replacing the existing electronic component (i.e., the register) of most meters with an AMI register that can collect and transmit hourly water consumption data and leak alerts to the District. As of August 2020, over three-quarters of the District’s 16,000 services have already been upgraded to AMI. We expect PMI to complete the project by September 2020. As the register replacement project does not require water service to be shut-off, no impacts to customers are expected. However, a small number of meters (less than 500) will be fully replaced with whole meter bodies and AMI registers by District staff as part of this upgrade. This work will require a temporary water shut-off, and District staff will notify affected customers in advance of this work. For more information on the AMI upgrade project, please see

Pure Water Soquel Conveyance Alignment Utility Investigations (Potholing) • April 2020 – August 2020

The Pure Water Soquel Conveyance team will be working to identify the exact locations of existing underground utilities within the project corridor. This effort will inform project design to avoid potential underground conflicts and minimize the risk of damaging existing utilities during construction. After approximate locations of utilities are identified using available records and utility locator services, the project team then excavates specific areas as needed to obtain visual confirmation of utilities and underground obstructions along the project pipeline path. Once utilities and/or obstructions are visually confirmed, the excavation is then backfilled, and the roadway surface is patched. Each utility identification has a work duration of approximately 2 hours. View the Map.

Willowbrook SWIP Well Drilling • July 2020 – October 2020   Recent Updates

Construction of the Sea Water Intrusion Prevention (SWIP) Well portion of the Pure Water Soquel program will kick off construction with the drilling phase of the Willowbrook SWIP well starting in July 2020. The Willowbrook SWIP well will be one of the three Pure Water Soquel injection wells that will inject the highly purified water into the groundwater aquifer. Construction of the Monterey Avenue SWIP Well and re-development of the Twin Lakes Church SWIP Well will follow. The Willowbrook SWIP well site is located on Willowbrook Lane on vacant District-owned property adjacent to the Willowbrook Park tennis court. Construction will start with site preparation and the construction of temporary sound walls to help to reduce construction noise from well drilling to the surrounding residents. Following this, a well drill rig will be mobilized onto the site and start the drilling of the well. Drilling will last up to 35 days to drill and install the approximately 800 foot deep well. The drilling process is an around the clock effort, and crews will be working 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Once drilling is complete, crews will work to develop, test, and disinfect the well. This process will take approximately 17 working days and will return to normal working hours of Monday – Friday 8 am to 6 pm, with the exception of 1-2 days of 24-hour work. During construction, residents can expect some contractor traffic to and from the site along Willowbrook Lane from workers and occasional material/equipment deliveries. Also, residents can expect a temporary increase in noise from construction activities coming from the site. All construction equipment and materials will be kept within the project site. After completion of the well drilling phase at the Willowbrook site, the Contractor team will move to the Monterey Avenue SWIP well site. There will then be a break in construction activity on the Willowbrook site between the drilling phase and the well-equipping phase which is anticipated to start in 2021. 

Soquel Drive Cast Iron Main Replacement Project Phase IV • October 2020 – December 2021  Recent Updates

The District will be installing ~7000 feet of new water main along Soquel Dr. from Cabrillo College to State Park Dr.  The project will also include some work on Haas Dr and many of the streets connecting to Soquel Dr along this corridor. The project length is expected to be 15 months and will break ground in October 2020. This project will be replacing the failing cast iron pipe along this corridor and will significantly improve the reliability of the water system in this area.  Part of this area has corrosive soils that have eaten away at the existing cast iron pipe over the last 60 years. This compromised pipeline has had several catastrophic failures over the last several years which are dangerous and expensive to repair. For more information, please contact Project manager, Brice Dahlmeier, 831-688-2288;  Pacific Underground Construction (Contractor), Luc Rhodes, 408-977-1655

Temporary Trailer Site Improvements Project • September – November 2020

The project includes some site prep and clean up prior to minimal grading in preparation for compacted base rock and paving work. After the site is prepped, a 24’x60’ double wide mobile office trailer will be delivered and installed. A security fence will be constructed around the trailer, then a colorful Memorial Garden for Vaidehi Campbell will surround the corner lot and screen the trailer while maintaining road visibility. The temporary trailer is expected to be onsite for three years, to provide additional workspace for staff and consultants working on PureWater Soquel. For more information, please contact Amanda Bunte, Engineering Technician, amandab@soquelcreekwater.orgView the map.

Canon Del Sol Tank Site Electrical Service • September – November, 2020

 New electrical service will be installed from PG&E to the District’s Canon del Sol tank to power AMI communication and tank levels to District. This Includes ~620 of PG&E underground trench to a new service location at the top of the tank’s driveway in Manresa Uplands Rd. The contractor is Johnson & Company, Inc. For more information, please contact, Mike Wilson (831) 475-8501 ext 122. View the map.