PWS Seawater Intrusion Prevention Wells Equipping and Site Improvements

Project Update: May 26, 2023

Monterey SWIP

Site work continues. The alley remains closed through November. 

Twin Lakes Church SWIP

Site work continues.  

Willowbrook SWIP

Site work continues.

Project Summary

The three SWIP (Seawater Intrusion Prevention) wells were drilled and developed in 2021, and the nine associated monitoring wells were completed in the summer of 2022. SWIP well site improvements and equipping began in Fall 2022 and should be completed by late 2023.

Purified water from the Advanced Purification Treatment Center will be pumped to our three SWIP wells replenishing the groundwater basin, raising the water to protective levels and preventing further seawater contamination.

Project Map

Map of all the components of the Pure Water Soquel Project. As pipeline construction continues along the route, this map will show that progress.