October 2022 - California Fuchsia

California FuchsiaCalifornia natives establish well when planted in the Fall. The cooler, more agreeable weather conditions with shorter days and gentler sunshine provide the conditions in which native plants thrive. The California Fuchsia, also known as Zauschneria, is a low-growing perennial shrub that requires little care. When established, this plant needs no water through the summer in all but the hottest microclimates in our area, such as the higher, more exposed south-facing hillsides above Aptos and Soquel. Those who hike or ride in our local State parks and wildlands may notice California Fuchsia in its native habitat. Its bright red/orange flowers stand out and catch the eye during summer. In the garden, California Fuchsia does the same, providing color from summer to deep into Fall. After the blooms fade and rains begin, cutting it back to the ground ensures fresh, dense growth in the Spring and keeps it from becoming straggly. For information on this and other California Native Plants, please visit  www.santacruz.watersavingplants.com