September 22 - Copper Canyon Daisy

QuickSips Story PhotoCopper Canyon Daisy (tagetes lemonii), also known as Mexican Bush Marigold, Mountain Marigold, and Mt. Lemmon Marigold, is a hardy perennial shrub that blooms mainly in the fall. Its natural habitat is the Sonoran Desert of Northern Mexico and the Southwestern US. As its name implies, this plant grows in the mountains at elevations from 4,000 to 8,000 feet and does best in thin soils. Think of rocky garden areas and locations where bedrock or rock layers exist close to the surface. Copper Canyon Daisy is known for its strong fragrance, a mix of marigold, lemon, and mint. Some find this aroma displeasing, while others like it. Deer avoid this plant, so it is a fine choice for those in search of some deer deterrence. Copper Canyon Marigold starts its primary bloom cycle as the days shorten, so this time of year (late summer) is typically when flowers begin to emerge. After the blooming is complete, it’s a good idea to cut it back aggressively to promote dense growth. Copper Canyon Daisy does well with a good seasonal haircut. Exercise caution when trimming as the strong aromatic oils have been known to irritate exposed skin with heavy contact. Copper Canyon Marigold requires very little water and no fertilizer and does best in full sun. It will struggle in shadier locations. For more information on Copper Canyon Daisy and other great plants, please visit