July 2022 - Crepe Myrtle

crepe myrtleJuly’s plant of the month is Crepe Myrtle. Crepe Myrtle, or Lagerstroemia Indica, is a large shrub/small tree native to the Indian Sub-Continent and Asia. Crepe Myrtle is best known for its show in springtime when, depending on the variety, vibrant red, rose, pink, or white flowers bloom. Crepe Myrtle enjoys warm to hot weather and will do best in areas away from the immediate coast. At the seashore, consider planting in sheltered areas that get full sun. This tree does fine in most types of soil and grows slowly, reaching around 20 feet tall by about 15 feet wide. Crepe Myrtle is a multi-trunked, deciduous tree. After the leaves drop in the fall, rounded seed pods adorn its branches, adding additional interest in dormancy. Crepe Myrtle is water stingy and needs almost no supplemental water after establishment, making it an excellent choice to add color and interest to summer dry, low water using landscapes. For more information on this and other great plants, please go to santacruz.watersavingplants.com.