June 2022 - Common Yarrow

common yarrowCommon Yarrow, or Achillea Millefolium, is an aromatic plant named after Achilles, the Greek hero of the Trojan Wars, who is said to have treated his soldiers’ wounds with the plant. Foragers use it sparingly in salads and omelets, and it has been used as a flavoring in beer brewing. Yarrow is suited to many different planting styles in the landscape, from the formal to the informal. Yarrow makes a great ground cover, and some gardeners use it successfully as a substitute for water-thirsty turf grasses. Left alone, it will grow upright two or three feet tall with small whitish flowers above the green to gray toned foliage. Using a string trimmer or shears, cut back Yarrow 6 to 8 inches tall as needed to encourage compact, low spreading growth for the desired lawn effect. Yarrow can tread upon occasionally but does not take heavy foot traffic. It likes full sun and most soils and has low water needs. Depending on the type of use, Yarrow can be started from seed, purchased in plugs, or as individual specimens. For more information on this and other plants, visit the Water smart Gardening website.