May 2022 - Beach Strawberry

Beach StrawberryThe whimsically named Beach Strawberry is an excellent ground cover and lawn substitute. This versatile landscape species belongs to a family of strawberries that can be found naturally throughout the Americas, in all 48 states of the continental US, and in Hawaii as well. ‘Fragaria Chiloensis’ is suitable in many soils and tolerates full sun and shade. Because it spreads by runners that root and binds the soil, this low-growing plant can be used for bank and sand dune stabilization, and in a variety of residential landscape styles including the replacement of ornamental turfgrass. Beach Strawberry is a perennial with glossy green leaves that grow from horizontal, spreading runners. White flowers show in the spring and the female produces small berries that provide food for birds. Cut the runners back in spring to encourage a lush, tightly knit ground cover. And once established, don’t worry too much about watering. Beach Strawberry does fine with almost no irrigation until the late summer or early fall when it may begin to appear dull, perking up with minimal irrigation or with the onset of wetting rains.