August 2021 - Mountain Mahagony

Mountain MahoganyOur August Plant of the Month, Mountain Mahogany, is an evergreen shrub native to arid slopes of the desert Southwest and the Western United States. While not a true Mahogany, this Manzanita relative has very hardwood that was used by California Natives for fish spears, arrows, and digging tools. It is used primarily as a screening plant and makes for excellent hedge material. It also provides habitats for all types of birds and small animals. Its roots fix nitrogen in the soil and grow extensively, making it a great choice for bank stabilizing and erosion control. 

Mountain Mahogany blends with sages, toyon, coffeeberry, and other chaparral plants. It is versatile and handles pruning and trimming if you desire a more formal look or have limited space. It blooms in spring with small, mildly fragrant flowers that produce fruit adorned with unique feathery plumes in the fall. Visit for more information on this and other low water-using plants.