WaterSmart Customer Portal

WaterSmart - A Vertexone BrandSoquel Creek Water District has partnered with WaterSmart software to bring our customers the WaterSmart Customer Portal. This new tool provides detailed water use information for your home or business. This customer portal is part of the District's upgrade to i-meters. Learn more about i-meters by visiting the Meters page. The WaterSmart portal also replaces our existing bill pay portal.

Why Should You Use It?

Through the WaterSmart portal you can:

  • Track your hourly, daily, and monthly water use
  • Pay your bill
  • Diagnose a high bill
  • Get automated leak alerts
  • Set alerts for unusual usage
  • Get personalized recommendations for water-saving

WaterSmart Login ScreenHow Do I Get Started?

Visit the WaterSmart Customer Portal.

Please use your account number exactly as it appears on your water bill or on your WaterSmart welcome letter. Include leading zeros. You will need to create a new login, this is different from your previous bill pay.

You can access the customer portal on your desktop computer or via mobile phone or tablet. Please note that hourly usage is not available when using a mobile phone.

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