Classroom Presentations

K-8th is CURRENTLY ON HIATUS -  Check back for next school year.

Schedule a 45 minute to 1 hour class presentation aligned to Next Generation Science Standards and Common Core.

Presentation Type

K to 2nd Grade

The water system and the people who build it. Students will help "build" a demonstration water system with pipes and see pictures of the people in their community who help bring water to their homes and school. Take home: Stickers and coloring books to follow up the lessons.

3rd Grade

Drought tolerant plants adapted for survival: students examine drought-tolerant plant adaptations, rainfall patterns around the world and learn about saving water by planting native and drought-tolerant plants. Take home California Poppy seeds!

4th Grade

California's water: students make a California rainfall map and learn how water is collected and transported around the state through aqueducts. Brainstorm ideas on how to conserve water. Take home a shower timer.

5th Grade

Our local water, a 1.5-hour field trip to a local well. Most wells are within walking distance or a short drive from the school. Students learn about groundwater supplies and the waterworks. Take home an inflatable globe ball and Our Water Works in Santa Cruz County Activity Book about our Local Water Resources.

6th Grade to 8th Grade

Getting groundwater, students learn to pump water from the aquifer model to learn about groundwater, recharge, how the District pumps water, cleans it, and manages the supply. Take a field trip around the school to learn about the water system. The education trailer can be part of the water tour to learn more about advanced water treatment. Perfect for Earth Science classes.

High School

Our local water supply and demand 1-hour presentation on balancing water supply and demand in Santa Cruz County, planning for the future water needs, supplemental water supply, and conservation. Ask about our Advanced Water Purification educational mobile exhibit. Perfect for Global Issues, Environmental Studies, and Economic classes.

Previous Reviews

"I really enjoyed watching the children build the water system. We try to teach the children how their actions affect those around them so it was nice to see photos of the people who work hard at water systems, see how much work was involved, and connect how we are being respectful of their work by saving water. They understand that saving water is important but the presentation made it human." - 1st Grade Teacher.