PWS Willowbrook SWIP Well

Latest Update: July 12, 2021

Water samples will be collected.

Project Summary

Construction of the Willowbrook Seawater Intrusion Prevention (SWIP) Well was completed in 2021. The Willowbrook SWIP well will be one of the three Pure Water Soquel injection wells that will inject the highly purified water into the groundwater aquifer. Construction of the Monterey Avenue SWIP Well and re-development of the Twin Lakes Church SWIP Well will follow. The Willowbrook SWIP well site is located on Willowbrook Lane on vacant District-owned property adjacent to the Willowbrook Park tennis court. The well-equipping phase is anticipated to start in late 2021.

About the Project

The final landscaping and site design is still pending. The site interior will be paved with some piping and infrastructure above grade. No infrastructure is anticipated that would be above the site line of the fence.

Artists Rendering of Completed SWIP Well