Facts, Figures & Maps

FactFact Description
Service AreaAptos, La Selva Beach, Opal Cliffs, Rio Del Mar, Seascape, Soquel, and portions of the City of Capitola
PopulationOver 40,600 residents (2020 Annual Report to State Water Resources Control Board)
Community We Serve and SupportApproximately 18,000 jobs, 22 parks, and 18 schools.
Housing Units20,924 (in 2015). Projected to be 20,912 in 2020
Service ConnectionsApproximately 16,000 (2020 Urban Water Management Plan)
District Personnel49
FY 2022-23 Budget$64.1 million
Annual Water Production3,348 acre-feet (2020)
Sources of Supply100% Groundwater (from CA Basin 3-001, Santa Cruz Mid-County Groundwater Basin)
Water Use by CategoryApproximately 80% residential (single-family and multi-family), and 20% non-residential (commercial, industrial, schools, governmental, landscape irrigation). We do not have any agricultural accounts.
Average Water Use per PersonOn average about 50 gallons per day per person
Miles of Pipe in System167 miles
Number of Production Groundwater Wells16 active, 2 standby, and 2 inactive
Number of Tanks18
Number of Groundwater Monitoring Wells80

Our Service Area

Our service area encompasses seven miles of shoreline and extends from one to three miles inland into the foothills of the Santa Cruz mountains. The city of Capitola is the only incorporated area in the District. Unincorporated communities include Aptos, La Selva Beach, Opal Cliffs, Rio Del Mar, Seascape, and Soquel.

Our District Office

Soquel Creek Water District headquarters are located at:
5180 Soquel Drive
Soquel, CA 95073